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If you click on Blog Topics in the main menu bar, you will be able to focus your search on certain topics that may be of interest. This blog is in its embryonic stage, but I will keep sharing with you, so please do keep checking in. Together, we will grow. Stay safe and sane. Dustie x

Just a couple of recent posts…

Stop before you jump right back in.

Remember to stop and reflect on all the things that you have really enjoyed about the last 6 weeks. Time with your family, the chance to breathe and exercise every day. To work at a pace that better suits your life. Think about what you could change, what you want to change and keep a…

Embrace Change. Live Long & Healthfully

I created this post for Sandbanks Osteopathy, our clinic within the Sandbanks Yacht Company. The thought behind its message, is that, this is a great time to review all the naughty habits that we naturally fall into when we’re feeling rushed and challenged; and up against the clock. I for one, have increased my daily…

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