Sunday’s thoughts..


Afternoon lovely people. Here we are in week two of the UK lockdown and the media are ramping up their pre-Easter headlines to ensure we all toe the line. What surprises me is that so-called intelligent human beings, can’t get to grip with these basic requests. I mean… we all want to go out to play, sunbathe, see our friends and families. But, it’s just not the time.

People are losing loved ones daily, the NHS and the additional voluntary staff are working around the clock to keep people alive, and, some elderly folk are isolated at home, too scared to open a window.

In the last World War, men were asked to fight for their country. Slept in cold, muddy ditches for months on end, and rarely talked to their families. They lost limbs, friends and in many cases their lives.

To combat this “war”, our men are being asked to stay at home. Expected only to act responsibly and spend time with their families. Why then, are some people so incapable of doing this? Is it down to a lack of willpower, control or direction? Or is it just that they have absolutely no thought for those spending 14+ hours a day, locked in a hospital, saving lives?

I don’t have the answer, because I don’t think like that and I’m not a behavioural psychologist, but I think it’s very sad indeed. To think that some people are so narrow minded, so selfish, that they just do what they’ve always done and don’t give two hoots about the next man.

Today, I ask you to pray for those who are working tirelessly for the victims of COVID 19. And for those doing everything they can to make this period of our lives brighter. Be that the yoga instructors, comedians, film directors or artists. This is a sad time for many, but also a time of self reflection and regrouping. Of community and collaboration. And as the scientists keep telling us, Mother Earth is welcoming the rest. So, it isn’t all bad. We just have to trust and stick together.