Spend Time in Nature for your Soul


Many of us are feeling claustrophobic. Even in the biggest of houses. So, when you take your “out time” be sure to get a fix of the fresh stuff. Walk alone if you can, because we all need time to re-set who we are without other people around. Breathe deeply. Smell the flowers (there are lots of lovely fragrances to enjoy right now). Try to free your mind of all the noise that’s built up over the day, or perhaps the day before (if you prefer to walk in the morning). Feel your feet on the floor, the balance of your body in space and the gentle rise and fall of your chest as you walk. Expand your arms, stretch your neck and take in your surroundings. And if you find it particularly difficult to quieten the mind, you might want to play some nice music, so you focus on that over the chatter in your head. Something that takes you away and helps you escape can be particularly nice. 🧡

Life will go on after COVID 19, whatever amount of stress we put ourselves through. So, if you can, realise that this is just a shift. A time of change. And everyone of us has the option to see it as good or bad. Personally, I have tried to use this time as a time of transformation. For all the little projects that I should have done years ago. For all the things that I said; “would get done one day”, but probably never would. It isn’t an easy journey for anyone. No one foresaw this happening. But we have each other and if we use this time productively, at least we’ll have something creative to show for it. So, whatever feels downstream and makes your heart sing, fly toward it. Some people will use this time to transform themselves into a butterfly. Others will still be blaming someone else for a long time to come. Only you can choose which you are. Much love. Keep the sun shining. 💖


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